Preview: Romantic Recipes for Two on Feb. 13

Growing up, Valentine’s Day meant sending conversation hearts, handwritten cards and candy to your classmates and crush. While we still love a sweet personalized card, this year consider skipping the boxed sweets and swapping them our for a fun evening with your Valentine on campus without breaking the bank.

Monday evening Feb. 13 the Co-Rec is hosting Romantic Recipes for Two from 7-8 p.m. in the Demonstration Kitchen. The cooking demonstration will provide the necessary skills to create a delicious and romantic meal, and it only costs $10 each.

Recipes include marinated flank steak with avocado garlic sauce, greek yogurt mashed potatoes, spinach salad with fresh raspberries and pecans and chocolate cakes for two.

Chew on that thought, only $20 for a fun date night. Americans spend quite a bit of money to show their love on Valentine’s Day, National Retail Federation expects U.S. consumers to spend an average of $136.57.

If you are interested, sign up at the Co-Rec Member Services desk, fill out the online registration form, or call 765.494.3109 to make reservations. Make sure to register 24 hours in advanced. If you cannot make it to the Romantic Recipes for Two but are interested in other cooking demonstrations, there are a many others scheduled for this spring semester.

Photo Credit: Purdue University Demonstration Kitchen Website

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