Golden Arches look to Revamp

With parents not around to whip up a home-cooked meal and the stress of midterms before spring break, at Purdue the convenience and price of a meal at McDonald’s is the golden ticket for students.

Recently McDonald’s has announced they plan to return to growth after the loss of “hundreds of millions” of visits by customers who drifted away as the chain fell behind on quality, value and convenience. This news and the anticipated changes they plan on will make their offerings even more enticing to students.

Some run through the drive-thru on their way onto campus for morning classes, others walk over to McDonald’s in between classes for a quick lunch break, some visit the golden arches at the golden hour for a cheap dinner and a handful even hang out after a night out to prevent a hangover the next day.

I spoke with one of the managers at the West Lafayette Stadium Avenue McDonald’s after hearing the release of this news.

“It’s really hard to give you one time when we are the busiest,” Amanda stated.”Our main focus is the 11 a.m.-2 p.m. hours, but overnight is just as busy as the mid-shift.

After reading through the recent article, here’s a brief breakdown of what’s in the plan:

  • McDonald’s mobile order & pay option
  • better burgers
  • delivery services
  • more digital-friendly restaurants
    • purchases at kiosks
    • food delivered to the tables
  • soft drinks that cost $1

Amanda the store manager said that this is not new news and it did not come as a surprise to her and her team. After explaining the most recent changes McDonald’s has made she stated, “the Grand Mac is doing a lot better than the Mac Junior, but we have not seen an excessive number of additional orders.”

Recent Changes:

  • all-day breakfast
  • junior and jumbo-sized version of its iconic Big Mac
  • commitment to use cage-free eggs and fresh ingredients


The upgrades will be in place at roughly 2,500 of its eateries by the end of this year within the U.S. Most of the nation’s 14,000 restaurants will be revamped by 2020, according to Chris Kempczinski, president of McDonald’s USA.

Amanda ended our conversation by saying, with all of the latest construction buzz and the number of increased students on campus in the summer, “we no longer see a decrease in sales when the summer rolls around”. The West Lafayette McDonald’s on Stadium Avenue may be an exception to the recent news released, but she said she looked forward to what is to come.

In addition, if you check out the McDonald’s App you will find many different deals and savings. It may come in handy for later tonight, after you have spent too much money at the Cactus.


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