Easy Recipes to Make in the Microwave

With spring break approaching, many students are swamped with midterms, reports and group projects. Although you may be busy, making time to eat nutritious food is important. Whether you’re naturally skilled at studying or find it difficult to focus or retain learned information, healthy foods may improve your capabilities.

Studies show that typical American diets contain too few nutrients and recommended foods and excessive amounts of added sugars, unhealthy fat and sodium, according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Last night, I missed dinner so around 9 p.m. I was searching for some quick and easy recipes to make. As I was searching I found an article with meals you can make in your dorm. Although I no longer live in a dorm, I still only have access to a microwave and toaster in my sorority house.

Here are five of my favorite recipes, from the list, that I’m planning to try:

  1. Easy Omelette
  2. Easy Egg & Cheese Burritos
  3. Single Serving Lasagna

  4. Sausage & Cheese Spaghetti Dinner

  5. Pizzadilla

Last night, I ended up putting a twist on one of the ramen recipes I found and spiced up my noodles by adding leftover vegetables and some Sriracha sauce. Even though you may not have access to a full kitchen, don’t underestimate what you can cook in your microwave.



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