Fun Food Facts

At Purdue this week we are celebrating the sixth annual Purdue Ag Week. Throughout the week boilermakers have the opportunity to milk a cow during Milk Monday, learn about forestry industry, pet a kid (a baby goat) and eat a lot of yummy and free food.

Ag Week is a student-organized event at Purdue University that aims to show the campus of Purdue what agriculture gives. The Purdue Ag Task Force, a Purdue student organization, leads the event and the group aspires to make Ag Week an event where the various facets of local, national and international agriculture are understood and celebrated.

The Ag Week Task Force has a booth set up each day on Memorial Mall, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and if you take an informative survey, you are able to obtain free promotional items. This year they have t-shirts, mini mugs, sunglasses and a sticker to hold your credit cards in on the back of your phone.

The past two days, I have taken the survey and learned a lot about the agriculture and food industry through the answers and conversations that followed. Here are some of my favorite fun food facts that I’ve learned about this week:

To learn more fun food facts, visit the booth and various activities set up on Memorial Mall throughout the rest of the week. ag week


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